Specialist in automation and process measuring and control systems


As a groundbreaking technology company, we offer you powerful solutions in automation technology with a focus on industrial plants. Our highly qualified engineers can implement your complex tasks in process measuring and control systems. We can also advise you throughout the life cycle of your investment. We place particular importance on ensuring the sustainability of your automation systems.
We implement components from different manufacturers. We focus on using products from the Swiss control system specialist SBC. As their certified partner, we have the highest level of system partnership.
To be able to operate automation systems efficiently, modern control and operational systems are essential. We would be happy to integrate the right solution for you and here, too, we can use systems from different manufacturers. The product Visi+ from SBC has proved particularly good.
Upon customer request, we can also integrate, for example, Siemens S-7 components, real-time automation systems, and other special solutions.

System types
  • Climatization and cleanroom systems

    Precision automation is essential for the efficient operation of air conditioning systems. COMNOVA’s focus is on energy savings and operational safety.
    In the area of cleanroom production, special climatization systems are needed that can ensure that no particles or germs penetrate these areas. COMNOVA offers the process measuring and control technology needed for these systems, e.g. for the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industry.

  • Refrigeration and freezer systems

    COMNOVA has developed special regulation algorithms for the optimum operation of refrigeration and freezer systems. By using our custom-designed automation technology, you can visualize and track system conditions. This renders conventional refrigeration controllers, which normally act as a black box, unnecessary. You get maximum transparency in your process system workflow.

  • Heating technology

    Higher-level control and regulation systems, for example, can be used to implement efficient downstream circuits for combined heating and power units and gas boilers. The goal is to keep the use of primary energy as small as possible. The resulting benefits are enormous: In times of high energy costs, you can realize significant cost savings with precision automation.

  • Solar cooling

    COMNOVA offers highly innovative solar cooling systems that work without the use of primary energy. Working with a competent partner in process system construction, COMNOVA has developed a special process to generate cold water from hot water. This permits you to cool offices in hot weather without the use of electricity. Existing energy from the sun is simply converted into whatever is currently needed. As energy prices rise, that’s a plus that counts!

  • Remote heating/condensate return systems

    COMNOVA’s powerful regulation technology allows large energy supply companies to operate their remote heating networks optimally. COMNOVA implements the central control systems for the control of the different decentralized plants. This permits preventive action. Problems and any faults can be detected immediately and corrected without delay. This permits perfect customer service!

  • Industrial systems

    COMNOVA offers custom-tailored automation systems for special installations in the industrial segment. Due to our wide range of process technology know-how, we understand both the technology as well as the overall processes and workflows. Make use of our end-to-end expertise for your company!

Life cycle
  • Customer inquiries

    We’re listening! We want to understand your current situation and goals accurately and make a precise record of your requirements. We use this information to develop a design perfectly attuned to you and your needs.

  • Design – planning – requirements document

    From the requirements recorded, we develop a custom automation design for you that is exactly adapted to your needs. We use that to prepare a requirements document with all the relevant key data.
    This gives you the clarity you need to implement your system, and transparency in the results.

  • Implementation

    We can implement your requirements reliably, very efficiently, and extremely quickly. We search for the optimum economical solution for you: Minimum investment for maximum performance.

  • Managing your investment

    The sustainability of your investment in automation is our top priority. We offer professional maintenance and reliable support for your process measuring and control technology. We can provide different levels in a service concept. If needed, we can provide you with round-the-clock support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The focus is on optimum return on investment and the longest possible lifetime for your system.