The RTR-61 “Wireless Core Temperature Data Logger” is a handy-type device which acts both as a thermometer and a temperature recorder that has been designed to easily measure and record the internal temperature of food items and liquid temperature, featuring a needle-type sensor. The RTR-61 enables effective HACCP-based temperature management for food safety, making it ideal for use in food-processing environments. This product has been designed to meet IP64 standards (splash resistant; rated for use in daily life).

When the button on the RTR-61 unit is pressed, the Temperature, Date / Time, User Name, Item and Over-Limit Judgment are recorded into the RTR-61. The sensor type and length can be selected to meet individual needs.

In order to carry out the downloading of data from an RTR-61 unit, it is necessary to purchase one of the Push Wireless Communication Sets “RTR-61SK or RTR-61SK-W” (sold separately).

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